Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tea & Biscuits

I'm not feeling very well today, but tea (milk, no sugar) and Custard Creams always make me feel better. I like this Victoria & Albert mug- my mum (or should I say, Santa) bought it for me for Christmas, and it came in a lovely matching box. She also bought me some little trinket boxes in the same pattern, which are perfect for keeping little pieces of jewelry etc, and the big one is the perfect size for my Sharpie collection.

It's common knowledge in my family that I am probably the world's biggest fan of Custard Creams, and my dad found this really cool biscuit box that not only looks like a giant Custard Cream, but was full of them when I opened it! (They didn't last long, probably only two days). It was waiting for me on my bed when I visited home for the first time from university- very exciting. It's full of makeup now and has pride of place on my desk. I think it's from Marks & Spencer, but at the outlet near my flat.