Monday, 27 February 2012

Makeup Makeup Makeup

I thought I'd review some of my favourite makeup, just because, really. The majority of my makeup tends to be either Rimmel or Benefit, both of which are amazing brands that haven't failed me yet! 

I've already blogged quite a bit about my Finding Mr. Bright kit from Benefit, which is what I use for concealer and general face brightening. I really love Rimmel London foundation, and the the 25 Hour Lasting Finish (red lid) and new Wake Me Up. I tend to use shade 100 because I'm pale, but as it gets towards Spring I like to combine shades to make a mid-tone, so I have the Lasting Finish in 100 and the Wake Me Up (and another Last Finish) in shade 200, and I mix up the two of them on a little patch on my hand. I also love Rimmel's Stay Matte powder, which I put on with a big, fluffy brush, though it does depress me a little that my shade is 'transparent'.

I love love love mascara, and I tend to wear all three of these at the same time. Thick & Fast, by Soap & Glory, came free with Elle Magazine the other week and I was genuinely really impressed by it. I used that one a base, then once it's dried I add Rimmel's (of course) Glam'Eyes mascara, which is really good for making your eyelashes look long. Rimmel's Volume Flash mascara is works well if you put a light mascara underneath, like either of the two I've just mentioned. This one is sort of a bit wetter, so it is a bit easier to get it on your face or make a bit of a mess, so just be careful with it :)
I really love this blusher from Accessorize, even though I dropped it within three days of the purchase. The brush that I use is from an Elizabeth Arden bronzer kit that my mum bought on holiday a few years ago, and it's perfect for applying blusher. 


  1. I love layering mascara! I need a new one to switch up my routine! I'll see if I can find a "Thick & Fast" somewhere by me! Thank you for the recommendations, hun! xo, Megs

  2. No problem! :) I got Rimmel London's Scandaleyes free the other day (for spending £9.99 on their other products) and it's genuinely really good! No layering even needed :) x